Re: earlier ea & aspects of history

Subject: Re: earlier ea & aspects of history
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Wed Mar 23 2005 - 10:52:58 EST

I noted particularly the comment about: (pre-dating Schaeffer's
earliest concrete pieces)

It would appear that the piece was concrete in sound source(s). An
important aspect of history has not always been "who did it first",
but whose work had the continuing impact. Somewhere I saw that the
Moscow Conservatory had a quarter-tone in the 1860s-70s, but nothing
came of it in a evolutionary sense.

Was El-Dabh's piece heard in public? Were composers aware of its existence?



At 12:48 PM +0900 3/23/05, Jean-Marc Pelletier wrote:
>Kevin Austin wrote:
>>Could anyone point to more information on:
>>Halim El-Dabh Music for Wire Recorder from 1944 (pre-dating
>>Schaeffer's earliest concrete pieces) ....
>I suppose you already have this info, but El-Dabh's electronic
>music, including "Music for Wire Recorder" was released on a CD
>titled "Crossing Into The Electric Magnetic". It's available from

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