Re: Lack of clarity regarding the term EA, clarification

Subject: Re: Lack of clarity regarding the term EA, clarification
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Mon Mar 21 2005 - 22:06:33 EST

Looking at the postings, the word "music" does not appear attached to
my use of the word 'electroacoustics'. If it is possible to accept
that electroacoustics refers to sounds from loudspeakers, then
"electroacoustic music" would be 'music from loudspeakers', and the
discussion can continue regarding what "music" is / isn't.

If the discussion is about sound where spectrum is more prominent
than pitch, I imagine a definition of spectrum (as distinct from
pitch) is in order. Until I learned about musical notes, I heard
sounds as spectrum, and still largely hear the Beethoven Sixth and
the 1812 Overture as such.



At 8:32 AM +0800 3/22/05, lonce wrote:
>Kevin Austin wrote:
>>Thanks. I proposed limiting it in the physical sense to the
>>transduction of electrical energy to acoustic energy so as to help
>>provide a context for the next stages of the discussion.
>I often let the term electroacoustic music spread out and cover all
>music other than traditional note-structured music. I frequently
>need to make that distinction in my teaching or discussions, but the
>terms "all-sound music", sonic art, sound art, free music, etc.,
>each come with their own baggage or drawbacks. 20th or 21st century
>music doesn't work because (it's true!) people still write
>traditional note-structured music.
> I am happy with "music" for the whole kit'n'kaboodle, but if you
>draw such a tight border around EA music, what do you use for music
>minus the traditional stuff?
>- lonce

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