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Date: Sat Mar 19 2005 - 21:53:05 EST

Perhaps the other person to ask about Alfred Mayer is Otto Joachim
who was the Canadian distributor for EMS. Last time I saw Otto (who
is now 95) about 11 weeks ago, he was very much alive and kicking.

As I recall, one of the Ionic machines was bought by (or lent to) the
State University of New York (Potsdam) summer school in Saratoga
Springs (directed by Brock McElheran) in the mid-70s, but somehow it
seemed different from the one shown here.



At 8:32 PM +0000 3/19/05, lawrence casserley wrote:
>On 19 Mar, 2005, at 18:50, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz wrote:
>>At 06:34 PM 3/19/05 +0000, lawrence casserley wrote:
>>>The remarks about this at the end are curious in this regard. You
>>>mention the Putney, but seem unaware that this was indeed the British
>>Ionic sold the Putney VCS3 as if it were their own -- you'll see
>>the book "Electronic Music for the Seventies" in which Alfred Mayer
>>makes no mention of it not being his. There is no credit in the
>>book to EMS. The units I saw there actually looked like duplicates
>>of the VCS3, and may have been. This apparently got them into
>>trouble. After that came the Performer, with the new interface and
>I know they had a US distributor, but didn't know the name. I also
>have a vague memory of some "difficulty", but I can't recall
>exactly. While I knew Tristram Cary well (as my teacher), and also
>Peter Zinoviev and David Cockerell (less well), I wasn't privy to
>the affairs of the company. This could well be what the problem was.
>I can't recall ever seeing a copy of "Electronic Music for the
>Seventies", but I do recognise that cover somehow.
>>Since I've never since been able to reach Alfred Mayer or his son
>>(whose name could have been Steve, but it's been 30-plus years), I
>>don't have the real story.
>Yes, it would be interesting to know what really happened. Maybe
>Tristram Cary could tell us (at least from the EMS point of view).
>Joel Chadabe has been pretty good at digging out bits of history,
>but there is no mention of Ionic or Mayer in the index to his book.
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