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Subject: Re: improvising
From: Li-Chuan Chong (
Date: Fri Mar 18 2005 - 19:07:41 EST


Dear All,


Re: improvising

Recently, I played a free improv set on my laptop computer in a series
called INTERLACE organised by Sebastian Lexer.

One of the software I used was "Lauki" from IXI

Sound files served as 'presets', to be 'scrubbed', 'looped', 'pitch shifted'
etc. during performance.

And here's the result...

20 February 2005
Filed under: Li-Chuan Chong (laptop) >m3u< >mp3<

For your delectation.

Best regards
Li-Chuan Chong <>

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> Subject: Re: improvising
> Quoting John Kamevaar <>:
>> Yah, OK but what do you do with it, with "no prepared......"? The
>> only thing I've been able to do that's spontaneous and immediate is
>> "scrub" files - it's very percussive and noisy, if you like that....
> i use Ableton Live.
> 1) make sure i have loooong samples, like at least 15 seconds, so that
> the looping aspect isn't immediately apparent.
> 2) whack on an EQ and start searching through the frequency bands,
> exploring the sound, trying to find something interesting in it while at
> the same time trying to put interesting noises out the speaker. using
> rich samples like field recordings works well here. if i'm playing as
> part of a group i like to sample the group tuning up and fluffing about
> and then use that.
> 3) find an interesting loop. or not, if i'm playing in a non-loopy way.
> 4) add whatever effects strike as being interesting at the time, and set
> them up to modulate so i can forget about them and not have them become
> monotonous.
> 5) ... really depends on what noises i'm making at this point, how happy
> i am with them, what the rest of the group is doing if i'm part of a
> group... having set the 'instrument' up i just play /music/ from here
> on. sometimes add another layer, add effects, remove effects, changing
> the routing of the signal, create feedback loops; strip everything back
> and play with the eq (the eq is my main generative device for making new
> noises, there's just so much exploration to be had with an active
> four-band parametric eq on a rich source sample); shift the loop points,
> slow down the sample, speed up the sample (abusing the realtime
> pitch-shifting without time-stretching engine that Live has so it turns
> my sound into stuttery jabs or metallic overtones or whatever, ometimes)...
> it's different every time, really.

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