"Territoires intimes" in Glasgow

Subject: "Territoires intimes" in Glasgow
From: Todor Todoroff (todor.todoroff@skynet.be)
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 08:34:29 EST

This is to date our only performance of “Territoires Intimes” in the UK,
during the festival New Territories in Glasgow.
It features electroacoustic music with real-time interactions with the

une chorégraphie de / a choreography by Michèle Noiret

19 MARS/MARCH 2005

au / at Tramway, Glasgow

Création & interprétation: Juan Benitez, François Brice, Barthélémy Manias,
Michèle Noiret, Sarah Piccinelli, Ali Salmi
Assistant artistique/vidéaste: Fred Vaillant
Assistant répétiteur: Fernando Martin
Musique originale et traitements en direct: Todor Todoroff
Scénographie: Wim Vermeylen
Lumières: Xavier Lauwers
Costumes: Azniv Afsar
Expression parlée: Paul Anrieu
Coordination technique: Philippe Warrand
Régie lumières: Marc Lhommel
Administration : Cathy Zanté

"Territoires intimes" is a piece at the height of intimacy, dreaminess and
sensuality. A lyrical piece suggesting we discard reason and yield to the
fascination of its fluid virtuosity. It makes us want to reconsider the
notion of beauty and our appreciation of beauty. And it works its spells on
an enchanting scale composed of grace, elegance and ambiguous inwardness.”
Gérard Mayen, Mouvement, September/October 2004

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