Re: EA by the way, Francis

Subject: Re: EA by the way, Francis
From: Adrian Moore (
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 07:05:21 EST

Dear Prof Park,

Monsieur Dhomont performed his work at Sound Junction III in
Sheffield on the 26th February 2005.
It was wonderful to hear the 'cycle du son' performed by the
composer. However, there is much to be said for 'artistic
interpretation by others' especially when we know this work is
_specifically designed_ to be diffused over multiple loudspeakers.
And, the fact that the CD exists with 'the details in place' means
that a stereophonic production (over the radio) _also_ presents the
composer's intentions.
Pieces from Sound Junction III will be presented on BBC radio 3
towards the end of April (perhaps early May - i'll post again when
details are confirmed). I presume that hi-quality real-audio will
also be available from the bbc website. It will be an excellent
opportunity to hear Monsieur Dhomont speak (in English) about his
work and listen to his music.

At Sheffield we are committed to the performance of great ea music.
If the composer can't make it, someone will study the work and
'perform' it. You can even include the performance of ea as part of
your postgraduate studies now that we have expanded our regulations
to embrace the wide variety of creative work currently in progress
that isn't necessarily 'electroacoustic'.

It was a classic performance on the 26th February, something that I,
and I hope most of those present, will not forget.

Best wishes,

>Bonjour Francis,
> I went tae on of yer advertised concerts here in
>Glasgae last week and ye didnae even show up! There
>was some geezer and a wee burd mixing CDs. Mind you,
>they didnae dae a bad job either. The overheeds lost
>something in translation tae English but ye get that
>at fame academy.
> Considering that mainstream media now comes with
>surround sound, a defining characteristic of the
>montage of EA emissions (which keeps it distinct from
>other audio) would be that live performance by an
>artist does not necessarily require the artist's
>presence, in a way that is distinct from classical
>rendition. Non?
> Just going through the motions again with minor
>variations here.
> Ex-Prof Innes Park
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