EA by the way, Francis

Subject: EA by the way, Francis
From: Innes <%> (iparki23@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 06:50:25 EST

Bonjour Francis,

   I went tae on of yer advertised concerts here in
Glasgae last week and ye didnae even show up! There
was some geezer and a wee burd mixing CDs. Mind you,
they didnae dae a bad job either. The overheeds lost
something in translation tae English but ye get that
at fame academy.

 Considering that mainstream media now comes with
surround sound, a defining characteristic of the
montage of EA emissions (which keeps it distinct from
other audio) would be that live performance by an
artist does not necessarily require the artist's
presence, in a way that is distinct from classical
rendition. Non?

 Just going through the motions again with minor
variations here.

 Ex-Prof Innes Park

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