FW: a call for papers

Subject: FW: a call for papers
From: Richard Whitelaw (richard@sonicartsnetwork.org)
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 05:29:40 EST

Call for working/finished papers in the area of Sonic Arts / experimental
sound art / electroacoustic workings -
for presentation at a symposium session forming part of the CyberSonica 05
event at The Dana Centre, London, 27th-29th April 2005
Symposium session: provisionally scheduled for Friday afternoon 29th April
Talks should last approx 20 mins, and can be supported by demo or other
visual/sonic material. The scope is not restrictive or limited, and the
theme will evolve according to submissions. Papers particularly welcome are
those that are: innovative, analytical, thought-provoking, creatively
engaging, challenging, idea-fresh, and multidisciplinary cross pollinating.
Topic areas might range from 'real world/digital crossover',
'artist/audience roles', 'theories of composition/experimentation',
'sensors/system sound creation', 'synaesthesia', 'emotional/health impact of
sound', 'collaborative art', 'can real art be fun ?', 'what is
interactivity', and lots of others too.
 Submissions from artists, research students and academics welcome. The
intention is to publish written versions of the papers presented.
In the first instance, please send a brief synopsis (no more than 200 words)
of your ideas for a talk, and a short biog/cv to: dave7@mdx.ac.uk
Final Deadline: to be received by email Wed 23rd March 2005 (early
submissions recommended).
Dr Dave Lawrence
Middlesex University
Trent Park
http://www.cybersonica.org/ (at moment though, this link shows last years
event. This year, the focus is on sonic/digital art, and will include artist
participation from Futuresonic, Soundtoys, and others)

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