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Date: Wed Mar 16 2005 - 17:37:20 EST

This has prompted me to take down an older book from the shelves which is a
lot of fun:

Johnson, R. Scores: An Anthology of New Music. Schirmer Books, NY, 1981.

It has some sections on graphic scores & a section on electronic music with
some great prescriptive scores by Alvin Lucier.

Also here is an extract from a paper I've just written with some URLs:

More recently, some interesting work has emerged, in particular the "Signed
Listening" project which allows a listener to annotate a sound file using
certain types of graphic representations (Donin, 2004), and the work of
Couprie (2004) which builds on the model of the Acousmographe developed by
INA-GRM in France. (See )

Couprie has developed a graphical representation tool to produce an
enriched listening experience for electroacoustic music.
And )



At 04:50 PM 16/03/2005, you wrote:

> > It's not online but if you can find a copy of Cage's
> > collection of scores called Notations there are some
> > interesting examples...not necessarily EA.
>That's a very interesting book, an old flatmate of mine had a copy.
>Surprisingly hard to track down in my experience, even many good libraries
>don't have it...
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