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Subject: Re: improvising
From: John Kamevaar (
Date: Wed Mar 16 2005 - 17:19:53 EST

Yah, OK but what do you do with it, with "no prepared......"? The only thing
I've been able to do that's spontaneous and immediate is "scrub" files -
it's very percussive and noisy, if you like that....

Damian Stewart wrote:

> (cross-posted from acma-l)
> hey everybody,
> i've recently started experimenting with using my laptop as a live
> instrument, totally improvising, with no prepared sessions or clips or
> what have you.
> this means i can play alongside 'real' musicians in a free improv
> environment and communicate with them musically in real time, which i'm
> finding is an amazing experience, far better than i'd ever thought
> possible with a computer.
> problem (or not?) is that i have little or no background for comparison
> with what i'm doing. i'm fumbling about in the dark, which is great fun,
> but i'm wondering whether i'm covering ground other people have explored
> already.
> to that end i'd love to read any writings or musings or ramblings anyone
> has or knows of on or around the topic. i just had a jam tonight with my
> lappy and three 'real musicians' (guitar, organ, percussion) in a free
> improv situation where discernable loops, beats, rhythms, or pulse were
> banned outright, and i had a ball. got me thinking some crazy thoughts
> about what it means to make music on a computer or otherwise, what it
> means to make music live, down to what constituted the breakthroughs in
> popular musical forms once acousmatic techniques and principles became
> part of the everyday working environment of the producer to an extent
> that they jammed on them (lee scratch perry, king tubby; detroit techno
> and the house movement)...
> crossovers between improvising and composing, the process of
> construction of a musical object versus the playback of the resultant
> musical object (if you were to record the desk output as someone was
> using protools to write a piece would that in itself be a separate
> musical object? would the recording be worth listening to, would it be
> musically interesting? would parts of it be worth listening to?)..
> brain going a hundred miles an hour, just ramblin' away.
> (hi! i'm new here. (waves))

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