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Subject: Re: Graphic scores
From: John Kamevaar (
Date: Wed Mar 16 2005 - 16:44:45 EST

Ian, I curated a travelling exhibition of Canadian graphic-oriented music and
choreography notation, presented within the context of abstract drawing (I chose
scores or fragments of scores, reproduced them and framed them) waaaayyyy back in
1979 (In Montreal it showed at "Vehicule" art gallery) I have a bunch of slides of
this and other scores reproduced from "Notations" that I put together for some
talks I did back then. Only some are EA, but if they're of possible use to you
I'll send them. E-mail me if so.

David Mooney wrote:

> It's not online but if you can find a copy of Cage's
> collection of scores called Notations there are some
> interesting examples...not necessarily EA.
> Ian Stewart wrote:
> >
> > Could anyone direct me to online examples of graphic scores of acousmatic
> > works? I'd like some examples for students of scores which attempt to
> > visually represent spectromorphological information. I'd especially be
> > interested in scores of works which are available to hear either on CD or on
> > the web. I am aware of the Dhomont scores on (Chiaroscuro and
> > Points de Fuite) and the Denis score in eContact (Point-Virgule). Thanks in
> > advance,
> >
> > Ian
> --
> David Mooney

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