Re: Graphic scores

Subject: Re: Graphic scores
From: Federico Schumacher Ratti (
Date: Sun Mar 13 2005 - 22:13:01 EST

Herethere are a collection of latinoamerican EA works and you can
listen it and see a sonogram

Le 13 mars 05, à 03:45, Ian Stewart a écrit :

> Could anyone direct me to online examples of graphic scores of
> acousmatic works? I'd like some examples for students of scores which
> attempt to visually represent spectromorphological information. I'd
> especially be interested in scores of works which are available to
> hear either on CD or on the web. I am aware of the Dhomont scores on
> (Chiaroscuro and Points de Fuite) and the Denis score in
> eContact (Point-Virgule). Thanks in advance,
> Ian

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