Re: Lack of clarity regarding the term EA, clarification

Subject: Re: Lack of clarity regarding the term EA, clarification
From: Steve Layton (
Date: Fri Mar 11 2005 - 14:44:31 EST

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Subject: Re: Lack of clarity regarding the term EA, clarification

> true. i once played a recording, which could be considered 'acoustic art',
> of a soundscape, myself walking around the local park and area. but it
> created for me an image, there was purpose in /why/ i collected particular
> sounds in particular directions, and as i walked the piece took on a life
> of its own.
> it was like a film taken in only one shooting, no cuts, no editing.
> films with such technique don't need a separate name... why all these
> names?
> mC~

Well, to have a name! Otherwise, today I woke up, got out of the thing, went
to the thing and stood under the thing, brushed my things with that thing,
put on some things, drank a big thing of thing, and went out the thing to
catch the 8:30 thing, got to the thing where I worked on my new thing for 4

These days, it's becoming more and more common to find field recordings
going by the name of phonography. Makes sense, "photograph" and all it
implies equates pretty well with "phonograph" and all it can imply. (Though
of course a "phonograph" also steps into the filmic realm. By the way,
"phonograph" early on somehow got itself attached to the mechanical sound
player; but seeing that's almost an archeological concept by now, I don't
see much stopping "phonographers" from eventually fully reclaiming the
word.) Most folks should be familiar with

Like a photo or film, some can be "documentary", some intentionally altered
in all kinds of ways. And sound, just like a photo or film, once recorded
can never be the thing (sorry!...) directly anymore, only representation,
reinterpretation, or wholesale redefinition. Whatever, the longer I hang
around with it the more I *do* like the term phonography.

Steve Layton

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