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Subject: Re: dis-ability theory in EA
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Wed Mar 09 2005 - 17:00:27 EST

indeed :)

macCormac wrote:

>SOUNDS wonderful :-)
>EAM wrote:
>>Sonic Arts Network is currently running a wonderful project called
>>'Sonic Postcards' []. Sound artists,
>>electroacoustic composers and the like are working in schools throughout
>>Britain making sonic postcards. A number of the schools involved are
>>special schools where the children have physical disabilities, learning
>>difficulties and other conditions that make it extremely difficult for
>>them to be in mainstream schools.
>>I have just completed a postcard in a special school where the kids had
>>all kinds of learning difficulties - brain damage from birth, varying
>>degrees of autism, Downs syndrome and other conditions. The project was
>>amazing. The kids were fantastic, full of ideas and fabulous vocabulary
>>(utterances, physical gestures etc) for articulating their experiences
>>of sound. They went out into their immediate environment, listened
>>intensely, recorded sounds (using an iRiver iHP-120), came back into the
>>classroom, edited their recordings (using ProTools Free and Audacity)
>>and put the sounds together. In my book, that's composing.
>>Robert Worby

99% of aliens prefer Earth

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