spatialization patch

Subject: spatialization patch
From: Carey Dodge (
Date: Wed Mar 09 2005 - 11:51:42 EST

Hello all,

I am happy to announce that I recently finished a 1 to
8 channel spatialization patch using J. B. Thiebaut's
trajectory object, some math by Yves Gigon and the
rest by myself. It is only for XP right now but I
hope to have the mac version in a week or so.

You can download it at:

There is a 'help' subpatcher in the patch that details
all the features. Below is a brief description...

The patch allows you to pan a soundfile and/or input
in up to eight channels. The virtual speaker placement
is in a clockwise formation evenly spaced in a circle
(except for 1 and 2 channel panning). Channel 1 is
always at the top of the circle, however output
channels can be remapped (see 'help'). This is a
completely modular panning patch. You can run multiple
patches simultaneously without conflict. I have been
able to run up to 7 patchers at once on a slow 2.4Ghz
P4 laptop with 480 RAM. Email me if you want to get
in behind the patch. It can be streamlined. In the
future I hope to add additional features such as a
doppler effect.

Comments, bugs, ideas, et cetera



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