re: disability theory in EA

Subject: re: disability theory in EA
From: macCormac (
Date: Wed Mar 09 2005 - 05:43:43 EST

here are a few googles . . there is much more . . .

happy reading / listening . . .

best regards, macCormac / sylvi


feminist and disability theory


indicative reading list

Thompson, N., Promoting Equality: challenging discrimination and
oppression in the human services, MacMillan, 1998, Y

     Sapey, B. and Oliver, M., Social Workers and Disabled People,
MacMillan, 1999, Y

     Read, J., Disability, the family and society : listening to
mothers, Open University Press, 2000, Y

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Issues, Open University Press, 1998, Y

     McDonald, A., Understanding Community Care: a guide for social
workers, MacMillan, 1999, Y

     Beyond Disability: towards an enabling society, Sage/Open
University Press, 1996, Y

     Drake, B., Understanding Disability, n/a, 1999, Y

     Brandon, D. and Brandon, T., Advocacy in Social Work, Venture
Press, 2001, Y

     Barton, L., Disability and Society : emerging issues and insights,
Longman, 1996, Y

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