psychology, Eminem and dis-ability theory in EA

Subject: psychology, Eminem and dis-ability theory in EA
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Date: Sun Mar 06 2005 - 11:36:47 EST

Kevin Austin wrote:

> At 7:49 PM +1100 3/6/05, miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:
>> DIS ability got left out of our DIS cussion and i'd like to open it
>> up... being DIS abled myself....
> With larger desktop computers and powerful easy to use sound software,
> ea is a great creative medium for numbers of people with disabilities.

indeed. these would help with numerous disabilities - not just those you
have mentioned, but also the 'invisible' disabilities such as severe
dyslexia or dyspraxia, aspergers, aphasia, etc...

> Two primary groups I would note are those with visual disabilities and
> those with mobility disabilities (esp those who cannot leave their
> living environment).
> Do you know of projects / plans to involve disabled and non-disabled
> people in this area?
not as yet... sylvi would be more the appropriate person to ask...

my projects focus more on the mind, and on psychiatric conditions...
which have impact on physical coordination due to medication, but also

however, its not so much accessibility i'm interested in as e/a being
used in music therapy - for oneself or for others. Eminem is the most
outstanding example i can think of - having grown up in the roughest
area of Detroit, where he had a choice between gang killing and music,
he chose music. he says that he spent thousands of dollars on
psychotherapy, trying to exorcise the demons of his past and that which
he had seen as a teenager - but the only thing that worked was music.
people do not understand that his music is a form of personal
psychotherapy... its the only way that has worked for him to let these
experiences out - and given time, his music has become much more
humorous and less violent. as always, it takes understanding the man to
know the reasons behind the music.

there are not only the obvious and well known psychiatric conditions -
mood disorders such as clinical depression, anxiety and bipolar;
schizophrenia in its various forms - but also Neurodiverse conditions.

Neurodiverse literally translates as 'alternatively wired'.

these include AD(H)D, dyspraxia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, Tourette's
syndrome, SPD (Segmantic Pragmatic Disorder), Aspergers / Autism, and a
few others... i believe Aphasia would also qualify.

some of these conditions affect physical coordination - aphasia and
dyspraxia notably.

but the rest lie 'invisible'.

my interest is in music as a form of therapy, but also as a form of
self-expression in neurodiversity.

and also in those conditions of the brain that do not come under the
umbrella of 'psychology/psychiatry', such as epilepsy.

i need special screens to control flicker with epilepsy (i can see
screen refresh at 85Hz, and can't watch television) but aside from
special machinery, my interest is in music as an expression, a means of
release and a means of understanding oneself - or a composer expressing
their experiences in order for the audience to gain greater understanding.

understanding, to me, and healing, are far more important than physical
aids (although i do not deny the importance of physical accessibility to
computers, as many would simply be denied access to modern life without
such tools).

there's also a self-curiousity here... what is in my mind?... (which i
believe Eminem is also exploring within himself) - i set off an EEG with
spectacular results last week. someone (a researcher with my father, who
is a pharmacologist) informed me that these could be wired up to
speakers instead of computer printouts/visuals on hard drives - in which
case one could hear one's own brainwaves (be /very/ careful, if you try
this, to wire them in the correct way through the mixing desk or you'll
have a nice self-inflicted ECT). if i had been given more time i may
have requested the output on disk, to read as raw data or play through
speakers. i'd be fascinated to literally hear what was going on inside
my head. bear in mind this is self-curiousity, and not voyeurism on the
part of others, who may or may not find they want to participate in such

its perhaps another way of creating and exploring music - the music of
the alternatively-wired.


> Thanks
> Best
> Kevin

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