Upcoming activities...

Subject: Upcoming activities...
From: Petri Kuljuntausta (petriear@nic.fi)
Date: Sun Mar 06 2005 - 06:15:42 EST


My next solo concert is on Tuesday March 8th at UMO Jazz House Helsinki.
Kaffe Matthews will also play there. Welcome!

If you want to listen to my new live material, download *Noise City* from
my website [link below].

Today [March 6th] is the last chance[!!] to check Wave Motion at Helsinki
Kunsthalle. The work is a Light-to-Sound installation created in
collaboration w/ Sami van Ingen for the MUU 18th Anniversary exhibition.

Below more information about my upcoming activities...

all the best,


         February - March
         - Radio jingle for MUU 18th Anniversary exhibition,
         voice Juha Valkeapää [http://www.nbl.fi/~nbl815/].
         Listen: Radio Helsinki 95.2 MHz, http://www.radiohelsinki.fi.

         February 24
         Sound Art in Public Space. Speech at Vuores seminar,
         Metso City Library, Tampere.

         February 26
         - PK: Vroom!!. Soundscape Music concert at the
         conference "Wer nicht hoeren will..."
         at the German Music Academy in Heek.
         Also soundscape music from G. Proy, J.L. Drever,
         C. Schryer and H. Westerkamp.
         Präsentation Gabriele Proy, Tontechnik Jens Meier.
         Landesmusikademie NRW, Nienborg - Heek, Germany.

         February 12 - March 6
         - Wave Motion. Light-to-Sound installation created in
         collaboration w/ Sami van Ingen.
         MUU 18th Anniversary exhibition, Helsinki Kunsthalle.

March :::
- Noise City. 18:45 long track ready for download, captured live at Art's
Birthday concert at KokoTheatre, Helsinki.

March 7-11
- Aesthetic of Sound. A five day workshop w/ PK and students at the Theatre
Academy of Finland / The Department of Lighting and Sound Design, Tampere.

March 8
- Solo concert at UMO Jazz House, also Kaffe Matthews solo
[http://www.annetteworks.com], produced by Charm of Sound for Musica Nova
Festival, Helsinki.

March :::
- Belly of The Whale project update, three audio files online [Scanner,
Nollman, PK]. Musical contributions also from Merzbow, Kim Cascone, Andra
McCartney, David Rothenberg, Kent Clelland, Yannick Dauby, Edwards/Vitiello...

March 9
- Brave New Sound World ['Uljas uusi äänimaailma']. An article about
soundscapes and early audio works will be released in a book 'Kuultava
menneisyys. Historia Mirabilis 3.' (editors: Kaarina Kilpiö and Outi
Ampuja. University of Turku. More here [in Finnish]:

March 11-13
- Using Audio as a Creative Tool, 1. A three day workshop w/ PK and
students at the Tampere Polytechnic / The School of Art and Media, Tampere.

March :::
- In the USA will be released the CD 'Why Birds Sing' by David Rothenberg.
Track 3 'Beezus, Beeten, Breep' is live recording [David Rothenberg-Petri
Kuljuntausta-John Wieczorek], captured in October 2003 at the Liberated
Sounds concert at Tampere Polytechnic / The School of Art and Media,
Tampere. The CD info text:

March 18-20
- Using Audio as a Creative Tool, 2. A three day workshop w/ PK and
students at the Tampere Polytechnic / The School of Art and Media, Tampere.

March 31
- Zoomusicological concert. The first live performance of the piece based
on animal sounds, co-composed by zoomusicologist Dario Martinelli [aka
PhDJ] and PK. Choreography and dance: Laura Pesonen. Also at the same
concert historical George Antheil / Ferdinand Leger's Ballet Mecanique
[adaptation for Disklaviers & computer]. 'New Music Academy Concert VII' at
Electric Hall, Sibelius Academy, Center for Music & Technology, Helsinki.

April 7
- Sounds in Space [Ääniä tilassa] YLE Radio 1. "Animal Music, Zoomusicology
and Interspecies Communication".

April ::: ->
- Soundtrack for Eight Rooms [eight-screen synchronised DVD installation]
by Mark Roberts and Minna Rainio. Produced by Virta Productions.

April 8-10
- Using Audio as a Creative Tool, 3. A three day workshop w/ PK and
students at the Tampere Polytechnic / The School of Art and Media, Tampere.

April :::
- Navigator music video will be finished for preview, music by PK, video by
Sami van Ingen. The screening of the final work at EXPO 2005 World
Exposition, August 22 - September 5, Aichi Japan. Coordinator of the
EXPO2005 performance: Jim Nollman.

April 18-22
- New media composition. A five day workshop on virtual environments,
narration and character building from the p.o.v. of sound w/ PK & Karina
Gretere and students at the University of Art and Design Helsinki / The
Media Lab.

May 1 ->
- Contemporary Music, Media and Mediation. The project investigates
contemporary music as a cultural phenomenon with particular reference to
the relationship between music and visual media, and to the influence of
technology on musical production, performance, and reception (from
electronic dance styles to contemporary avantgarde music). A research
project funded by Academy of Finland.

May 13
- solo performance [evening club] + seminar speech on electronic music. An
event of Electronic music organized by Eetos Scientific Association, Turku

May 15
- Aureobel Station launch event. Opening celebration of the Aureobel's web
label. Part of the Lumo Club concert serie at KokoTheatre, Helsinki.

May 19
- Sounds in Space [Ääniä tilassa] YLE Radio 1


- Three Films. A video-DVD by Sami van Ingen, music by Petri Kuljuntausta.
         [release date postponed: spring-2005]

- Vroom, Buzz & Bang by Petri Kuljuntausta. Audio-DVD and a Book.
         [release date postponed: fall-2005]

::: MOMENTUM :::
   [Aureobel, 2004]

In the USA Star's End radio selected PK's Momentum CD as one of the most
Significant Album releases of the year 2004.
         Also on the list: John Adams: On the Transmigration of
Souls, Biosphere: Shenzhou, Jim Cole + Mathias Grassow: The Last Bright
Light, Choying Drolma / Steve Tibbetts: Selwa, Brian Eno: Music for Civic
Recovery, Pete Namlook: Namlook XIX, Radio Massacre Int'l: E-Live
2003, Markus Reuter + Ian Boddy: Pure, Robert Rich: Calling Down the
Sky, Klaus Schulze: Contemporary Works vol 2, Vidna Obmana: Anthology

Latest Momentum reviews:
- The Sound Projector, Issue 13, 2005, England [also radio air on Ed
Pinsent's 'Sound Projecting', Resonance 104.4 FM, London].

- Kindamuzik, The Netherlands, http://www.kindamuzik.net/article.shtml?id=7940


And finally... Did you know that... Klubitus calendar keep statistics about
DJ gigs and club concerts. According Klubitus: "petri kuljuntausta plays
mostly at 'something' (50%) or 'chill' (50%) kind of club events." That's
good to know, life is so much easier now... :)

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