Re: dis ability theory in EA - human centric / inhumanism (MAN that jazz sounds good ! ! ! )

Subject: Re: dis ability theory in EA - human centric / inhumanism (MAN that jazz sounds good ! ! ! )
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Sun Mar 06 2005 - 03:49:19 EST

macCormac wrote:

>hey mC~ (cec/cbc/bbc/abc/zbc)
>ok . . . you win . . . ;-) i'm out with th birds (sylvan eh?)
>building solar powered sonic studio II & III as linked via HTML(s)
>to th WSP (world soundscape project) archives at SFU ;-)

sounds cool... do tell... :)....

>seriously, i meant homo-centric not as in MAN centric but HUMAN centric .
>. i understand and appreciate th word MAN and ROSE and their significance
>in lit but there is room for new words that are less human centric . .
>(see inhumanism in lit) . . as well as including WOMEN in th cannon of EA
>or any literature/art/science .... i prefer writing with gender neutral
>terms S/HE and WO/MAN and HUMAN KIND . . . as different from . . . .FLORA
>/ FAUNA . . . MAN is a nostaligic being and if i forget th texts of WOMAN
>then i do not exist . .
yeah... perhaps i am just jaded at hearing inclusive terms used in the
context of extremist feminism etc... when in fact they can be

call me old fashioned but i like the term 'woman' as being 'of man' (its
original derivation i believe)... i dont have a problem with the word
'man'... but i speak fluent Dutch and read German ok... that gives it
another context.... its one that you can only understand if you are a
Germanic language speaker yourself (i dont know what the collective noun
is in French... this could be interesting to contrast...)

>what better place to DIS cuss family values than via CEC . . . what's next
>DIS Ability theory in ElectroAcoustic Music . . . ? . . . re-opening th
>dialogue re accomplishments & abuses of affirmative action . . but you
>know i'd rather give th girls in IRAQ & KOREA & AFRICA etc etc digital
>recorders and mps ... etc . . .
err... well i think i'll give that topic a miss for the moment... being
a little tired as i am of the repercussions that came from it...

but DIS ability theory in EA sounds interesting....
this topic i have not thought about.... and you have composed about...
(as have i, but only of the mutterings in my head, not anything
theorised properly)....

DIS ability got left out of our DIS cussion and i'd like to open it
up... being DIS abled myself....

>ps dear Eliot - hey like MAN that song sounds good ... can you play that
>byt again . . . my apologies fir thinking outside th box . .. naaahhh . .
>. :-)
>perhaps we can all meet in la bistro and have some bisquits with our café
>.... and DIS cuss / con ference th meaning of music . . . and music of
>meaning . . . th reasons to listen and listening to reason (trevor
>wishart, redbird) . . . see you there miriam . . . see you there man . .
>best regards, sylvi
>wearing pink flak jacket
sounds very cool especially the pink flak jacket...
anyone up for some morsels of sushi or lentils of music?.... (i'll never
forget that thread, and dang was it a good soup Dennis ;P )....

mC~ the 2nd

> / na / da / bc
>siwash rock & soundscape
>mc squared dj serious babbling brook
>bcc: CSiS (canadian sound intelligence society)
>fwrd cc: ste-marie&

99% of aliens prefer Earth

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