Fwd: CMMR 2005 Call for papers

Subject: Fwd: CMMR 2005 Call for papers
From: Yves Gigon (ygigon@videotron.ca)
Date: Fri Mar 04 2005 - 13:53:04 EST

>We are happy to announce the
>3rd International Symposium on Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval,
>CMMR 2005 - PLAY
>Pisa, Italy, September 26-28, 2005
> http://www.lma.cnrs-mrs.fr/~cmmr2005/
> cmmr2005@lma.cnrs-mrs.fr
> The field of computer music is
>interdisciplinary by nature and closely related
>to a number of computer science and engineering
>areas such as information retrieval,
>programming, human computer interaction, digital
>libraries, hypermedia, artificial intelligence,
>acoustics, signal processing, etc...
> In this year's CMMR we would like to emphasize
>on the human interaction in music, simply the
>PLAY, meaning that papers related to sound
>modeling, real-time interaction, interactive
>music, perception and cognition are particularly
>welcome together with the usual themes related
>to the traditional topics of the CMMR conference.
> CMMR 2005 invites researchers, educators,
>composers, performers, and others with an
>interest in important aspects of computer music
>(including modeling, retrieval, analysis, and
>synthesis) to come join us for a unique event.
> Original contributions on the following (and
>other relevant) topics are encouraged:
>o infrastructures for music
>o - music digital libraries modeling
>o - representation and language modeling
>o - distributed system infrastructures
>o indexing and retrieval of music
>o - metadata
>o - standards
>o - protocols
>o - query languages
>o - advanced information retrieval
>o structuring of music data
>o - hypermedia
>o - structural computing
>o collaboration on music
>o - computer supported cooperative work
>o analysis, recognition, comparison,
>classification, and modeling of music
>o - pattern recognition
>o - signal processing
>o - algoritmics
>o - parsing
>o mining and visualizing music
>o - data mining
>o - visualization
>o synthesis and/or composition of music
>o - synthesis models
>o - automated composition
>o - audio coding
>o - spatialization
>o user interfaces for music
>o - human computer interaction
>o - virtual reality interaction
>o auditory perception and cognition
>o - psychoacoustics
>o - music perception
>The symposium will be structured in a
>traditional manner with paper presentations.
>However, there will also be scheduled time for
>presentation of computer musical compositions.
>Submissions may have any of the following forms:
>o Full paper (7 - 20 pages)
>o Short paper (3 - 5 pages)
>All papers will be reviewed by the program
>committee. It is planned to publish accepted
>papers after the symposium as post-event
>proceedings in the Springer Verlag Lecture Notes
>in Computer Science (LNCS) Series.
>Full papers due May 1st, 2005
>Short papers due May 1st, 2005
>Acceptance notification June 15th, 2005
>Symposium September 26-28, 2005
>PS: Apologies for multiple postings and please,
>forward to all interested colleagues.

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