Re: Lack of clarity regarding the term EA

Subject: Re: Lack of clarity regarding the term EA
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 06:05:33 EST

I would propose that you could call your perception of the work of
these people 'ea' (within the Michael Century definition).

At 07:50 +0000 2005/03/02, Rick wrote:
>cool. Then for the purposes of this particular discussion, I can call
>Bach, Shankar, and Woody Guthrie 'EA'.
>All clear now. I was confused.
>On Wed, 2 Mar 2005 02:12:25 -0500,
><> wrote:
>> First off, the electricity within us can be tranduced to sound,
>>and we all know
>> how this can be done (clap, stomp, scream, etc).
>> Secondly, if you don't consider the energy within us "electricity", then you
>> can still consider the fact that there are times when the artist can already
>> hear the EA composition in his/her head before actually physically
>>hearing it.
>> Hence, EA composition without the transduction of electricity. If
>>you hear an
>> EA piece in your dream, is it still EA?
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>Rick Nance
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>Leicester, UK

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