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Subject: RE: Solar power - wind powered recording studio
From: Mauricio Duarte-Neira (039166d) (
Date: Tue Mar 01 2005 - 13:16:45 EST

Oh yeah, I definetly understand. Being in the northern hemisphere unlike being in the equator, not as much sun. I dont know in terms of wind. I'm not sure if the studio could "just" rely on wind and solar power. It all depends on the consumption, the sun and the wind really :P. So sun and wind are more like a back up. Regular power from the community power lines will still come in for emergency or supplement basically. I'm really hyped on this topic and once I get my Canadian immigration settled, I will start looking at funding options (ideas anyone, for Canada?).
Also because of the close proximity with Acadia University (with which I graduated in music and technology and a comp sci certificate), the barn could serve as a hub for recording arts, music technology research and a place to hang out, come for a coffee and for community performances (festivals?) (visual art, music, folk, ea, you name it) in that specific area. The place will still remain agricultural too, kind of like an escape.
I know a rock band that performs with the audience pedalling to generate power for their amps and keyboards. :P


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I thought I'd respond to this because I thought it quite interesting, as you
are kind of going back to nature, and being Eco-friendly it could lead to a
commune of electroacoustic composers!

But on a more serious note, it's a good idea especially if you are based in
the country. Solar power is perhaps more affordable, which is why I
mentioned the commune idea. If you wanted to go down the wind route (joking
of course!). I guess another thought would be how beneficial solar power
would be given on a northern hemisphere location. I also heard in a recent
news report that some experts are thinking that wind farms might not be as
efficient, as they first thought.


Neal Smith-Amies
GTA/Ph.D student
Creative Music Technology
University of Hull, Scarborough Campus, UK

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Wow, thanks :)

The place has power already, but it would definetly save power, attract
people that
are environmently conscious, tourism, local talent, etc. The barn has to be
heavily modified, that is for sure (I just happened to be in there and after
staring at the animal cubicles I though they would be perfect for sound
boothes or isolation booths :P. Money options have to be really thought
about too. Again, I have to look in every direction for this.
It's also in a very touristy area, so I dont see why not start something
that isnt usual around here. Otherwise I could just move to the city and
figure something else out :P

I really appreciate your help, I am checking it out right now.


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Hi - I am also looking into doing this one day, also in Canada. But I
am only at your stage, so would be interested to know how you get on.
I'd appreciate info too.

There are a lot of useful books on setting up off grid (try for instance, but I'm sure others know
more sources). And there is just loads of info online about all this -
look up 'off grid'.

In Canada - Harrowsmith magazine is a useful place to get ideas/more
info etc. Just ignore the articles on making your own soap and
christmas baubles....They often have detailed case studies of Canadian
off grid building projects, with good info on costs/companies used,
budgets, savings etc. They had a very good piece on setting up your own
wind generator a while back (it was in an issue out last year, but I no
longer have it). Without copious power storage (and depending on your
locality) the power needed to run a busy computer non-stop might
sometimes require a generator, and they are noisy.

Also, don't know where you are in Canada but guess a barn will require
efficient heating or air-conditioning, or both!

all best


On Feb 28, 2005, at 8:08 AM, Mauricio Duarte-Neira (039166d) wrote:

> Does anyone know of or is there such a thing here in Canada?
> Where can I find resources on solar/wind powering my studio?
> costs? worth it? etc...
> The studio is located in a barn, in the middle of a valley. I think it
> will be very unique.
> I appreciate any feedback.
> Cheers,
> Mauricio
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