RE: Stockhausen tapes/ Austin's statement

Subject: RE: Stockhausen tapes/ Austin's statement
From: Van Richard Stiefel, Dr (
Date: Tue Mar 01 2005 - 10:48:27 EST

I've been a silent, but engaged reader of the list for some time now.

I'm simply writing to applaud Kevin Austin's statement re: stockhausen tapes. I liked his statement and thought it a highly appropriate action for the list. I bet other kinds of readers will benefit from it too!

Van Stiefel
Faculty of Music, Music theory, McGill Univ.

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Subject: Re: Stockhausen tapes
Thank you.

I am CC'ing this reply to the <cec-conference> mailing list, an email
list with more than 400 people who are active in electroacoustics in
more than 18 countries.

Many of the people on this list first experienced ea 'art' sound with
Stockhausen's works and his pieces are a staple of electroacoustic
studies education on several continents.

This 'denial of access' is more than simply an act of will against
the composer himself, this eradication / denial is destructive to a
cultural stream in electroacoustic art. Sketch books, pre-production
tapes and working notes provide composers, listeners and researchers
with insights into the more remarkable aspects of the creative mind
and to deny Stockhausen access or copies of his pre-compositional
working materials is a blot on the reputation of the WDR and the
individual(s) who have taken this decision.

I sincerely hope that a path can be found to re-open the discussion
on the preservation (duplication and return?) of the materials and
would like to think that somehow the international electroacoustic
community would be able to be involved in this happening.



At 15:09 +0100 2005/03/01, Kathinka Pasveer wrote:
>Dear Kevin,
>the situation is still the same. The tapes are stored somewhere at
>WDR and Stockhausen does not get copies of his own works and
>production tapes. The studio has been closed down.
>Mit herzlichem Gruss
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>Am 1. Mrz 2005 um 04:33 schrieb Kevin Austin:
>>From the cec-conference email list.
>>> > A couple of years ago there was a story about the possible loss
>>>of the early Stockhausen tapes and materials, partially cited
>>> >
>>> > Would anyone have an update on what has happened since?

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