site update and new sound work

Subject: site update and new sound work
From: Chris DeLaurenti (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2005 - 19:14:17 EST

I updated my site at

* I contributed some new sound work to addenda at where you can check out mp3s of "Hong Kong Supermarket" "Gwanadon," and an excerpt from my forthcoming "Live at RNC Protest" - "Open Carrier, Citywide One Manhattan."

* A few remaining copies of "The Sand Point Sound Gazetter" have turned up; and/OAR diffusion has 'em at

* New writing: "Some notes on the Sand Point Sound Gazetteer."

* I added book reviews of "Music: Healing the Rift" and DJ Spooky's "Rhythm Science" to the "reviews & blurbs" section under "writing."

* Substantially updated and revised resources. Links to unusual sound software and the usual collection of interesting and perhaps weird links including "The Sonic Weapon of Vladimir Gavreau," "Cold War Era Civil Defense Museum-Sirens Page," "Darque Dungeon," and "Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie - For Combatting Mind Control" as well as more useful items such as "6 interviews from 1972-1997 with Gyorgi Ligeti," "Theodore Gracyk's outline of Jacques Attali's book Noise," and "Essays by Morton Feldman."

* If you live in the UK, my article "My Sonorous Mirage: Ruminations on Radio and Radical Music" will appear in the forthcoming issue of Resonance Magazine published by the London Musicians Collective. has details.

Other projects and articles (such as the album and essay "Intermissions with the Orchestra") should be showing up by mid-year.

If any of these items are of interest to anyone you know, please feel free to forward this note.

Finally, for those living in or near Seattle:
I found a cell phone battery, a Nokia BLC-2, on the street. I don't have a cell phone, so if your phone uses this kind of battery I'm happy to give it to you!


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