Re: art not music

Subject: Re: art not music
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2005 - 15:48:06 EST

macCormac wrote:

>perhaps there is music in their silence and we make far too much noise . . .

interesting point...

when i am not working, i prefer to listen to silence.

i wonder how many of us do?

there is too much noise in my work (be it beautiful noise,
harmonic/melodic, or just noise as i like grunge-ea as well (oops did i
just define a genre ;) )

after a long session of noise i listen to very little music.

in fact, in general, i'll only listen to one or two pieces in a session,
take them and think about them, rather than put on my entire playlist of
mp3s, or a whole CD... i find it too much.

do i listen too much?



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