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Subject: Re: art not music
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2005 - 15:40:00 EST

im tired of raising my voice on gender issues at present... but is not
wo'man' containing also the word 'man'... it is simply a part of the
Germanic roots of our English language and those roots are something
historically important in themselves.

not to criticise at all, sylvi... but the Germans are also very
liberated people and don't have a problem with using the word 'Man' to
describe humankind as a collective noun...


Eliot Handelman wrote:

> macCormac wrote:
>> dear Sir / big E
>> if man is a musician (since using th antiquated term 'man' erases
>> half of human
>> kind) then what is woman kind ? does she have NO voice . language .
>> music ?
> "man" evokes a wave of positive nostagia for me in its declaration of
> the sweeping nobility of its purpose while
> making the usual mistake of trying to think about more than 3 people
> at a time.
>> what is (big G) God if not Mother Earth ? being MUM #1 who taught us
>> rhythm and
>> sounds o rain and maybe even 'metaphor' ?
> sing her praises with cool edit pro!
> - e

99% of aliens prefer Earth

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