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Subject: Re: art not music
From: macCormac (
Date: Sun Feb 27 2005 - 16:55:04 EST

FYI: th first lullaby was based on bird songs and th falling rain :-) she laughs

SOUNDS a byt homo-centric . . . to assume that birds et al are not 'singing'
beyond searching or seeking grub .. is th love song o birds and roses not 'proof'
enough that horses too have a debate going on with guliver and proof rock et al. .
. . or was that ego or gender centric ?

perhaps there is music in their silence and we make far too much noise . . .

best, macCormac / grrrl o th species
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siwash rock & soundscape composition wrote:

> So, what did music evolve from?
> Was the first lullaby necessarily musical?
> EA
> Music Language Other
> ALthough it's not exactly clear yet, I have recently come to a new
> understanding of EA. The general root EA branches into music, language and
> other. I understand EA as sound-based understanding.
> There are things within sounds that we are inately programmed to respond to,
> and there are things within sounds that we are socially conditioned to respond
> to. This is all EA.
> Now if we were to consider animal sounds...
> Wolves howling. Birds singing. Water Falling. Are these musical or EA? Of
> course, we can't experience a wolf's cry from its point of view. From our
> perspective, we could choose to listen musically or not, but the fact that it's
> EA remains, (there is meaning in that sound). When a bird squeeks, it is OUR
> ears that make that sound into music, if we so choose to. Again, there is
> nothing inately musical about a sound.
> I believe "man" created "song". -- Humans created music.
> It follows that, for a time, humans existed without a concept of music, and it
> makes sense because there is no Real point to music other than social. So
> as "man" "civilized", so did the human concepts of music and language progress.
> nick
> Quoting Richard Wentk <>:
> > At 19:03 26/02/2005, you wrote:
> > >I don't believe there was a "mother #1" : Eve. or Noah's wife?
> > >You choose to assume that song existed for as long as "man" existed. But
> > did
> > >not "man" create song?
> >
> > Bird song, whale song, cicada song and a billion or so years of pre-human
> > noise making predated the first lullaby.
> >
> > Music and art have their roots in evolutionary development. The differences
> > between what humans do and animals do seem to be more a question of degree
> > than of anything completely unique and revolutionary.
> >
> > Richard
> >
> >
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