Re: art not music

Subject: Re: art not music
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Sun Feb 27 2005 - 00:42:14 EST

Eliot Handelman wrote:

> In my view calling EA "art" doesn't help or change anything. The
> missing component is the tactical force
> -- the feeling of what will happen if I listen to this music. Will it
> cheer me up, expose my chaos, or
> illuminate something in the universe of man in the way that Bruckner
> or Nielsen seem to?

to me, EA is just that - EA.

it matters not whether it is 'art' or 'music' - what matters is that it
is the language in which i express what is inside of me. it is my native
language. this is not to be confused with the mother #1 issue - what i
am saying is that EA is the best way for me to express the sounds in my
head... to me that has nothing to do with the definition of whether it
is art or music - it is beyond needless definitions.


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