Hamsters not music (was art?)

Subject: Hamsters not music (was art?)
From: Barry Rueger (rueger@COMMUNITY-MEDIA.COM)
Date: Sat Feb 26 2005 - 21:33:13 EST

Or maybe not! Pictures and everything at http://tinyurl.com/5sose or

Intelligent MIDI Sequencing with Hamster Control


This project was initially fueled by the desire to explore the MIDI
protocol. It was decided that this would be accomplished by building
a MIDI device. I also aimed to make something novel that had never
been done before. But to balance out the unusual nature of its
design, I wanted to also to create something that was very
musical.After much consideration of different technical design
aspects and contemplating various musical ideas, I was able to arrive
at a project that would fulfill all of my musical and engineering
goals.An intelligent MIDI sequencer was designed with hamster
control. The MIDI sequencer intelligently produced melodies by
manipulating the musical elements of rhythm and note-choice. Guided
by inputs based on hamster movements, Markov chains were used to
perform such beat and note computations. In culmination, 3
simultaneous voices were produced spanning 3 octaves and 3 rhythmic
tiers. Each voice was controlled by two hamsters: one that was
responsible for adjusting the rhythmic qualities of the melody and
another that modified the note sequence. With all of these elements
in combination, an output was produced with very musical
qualities.All of this was implemented using an Atmel Mega32
microcontroller, distance sensors, a HamsterMIDI Controller, and 6
hamsters. Embedded C programming implemented the algorithms and
computations within the sequencer.Overall, this project was
successful. The control between the hamsters and the musical
intelligence turned out very well. The music sounds as good as I
imagined, and I am very satisfied with the outcome of my design


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