Re: Dennis Gabor papers

Subject: Re: Dennis Gabor papers
From: David Mooney (
Date: Sat Feb 26 2005 - 09:28:01 EST

Your best bet is a library. If the one near you doesn't have
the articles they can probably get them via interlibrary
loan. There are several print indexes (WOW! There was
scholarship before the Internet!!!) that can pin down the
exact bibliographic information (date, volume number, page
numbers, etc.). Ask any librarian.


David "ex-librarian" Mooney

Isabel Pires wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I search for three articles of Dennis Gabor:
> - Theory of communication - published in the "Journal of the Institute of Electrical Engineers" in 1946
> - - Acoustical quanta and the theory of hearing - published in a periodical called "Nature" in 1947
> - And : - "Lectures on communication theory" in Technical Rapport 238, Research Laboratory of Electronics. Cambridge. 1952
> Somebody knows how can I found these articles? I need to read them quickly.
> Thank you
> Isabel Pires
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David Mooney

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