reminder - BETA_LAB - Feb 26th 2005 - MTL

Subject: reminder - BETA_LAB - Feb 26th 2005 - MTL
From: Neil Wiernik (
Date: Fri Feb 25 2005 - 20:33:35 EST


when: saturday february 26th 2005
where: la salle d'attente (the back room of cafe esperanza)
5490 st-laurent, montreal, canada
time: 9pm - 3am
how much: FREE

BETA-LAB is a monthly night of electronic music collaberation and
featuring phoniq resident artists: naw, cyan, scant intone, various, anton
along side a variey of monthly guests.

This month's BETA-LAB will feature:
Heart & Soul - Live - esoterik
NAW V.S. Anton - live -
Bopp - laptop DJ -

for more info visit:



The PHONIQ collective brings you another twist on another year of
electronic music showcases. This time around PHONIQ is happy to present
BETA-LAB a monthly showcase of electronic music collaberation and
experimentation. BETA-LAB will focus on teaming up resident PHONIQ artists
with other members of the canadian electronic music community.
BETA-LAB is a space for experimentation to try out new ideas, for artists
to try out new ideas, projects, collaberations. a testing ground for
laptop artists, hardware musicians, djs and video artists a like.
every month a different project or projects will be presented. each of
these events are designed to act as an exploration into the different
intersections between technology and
music/art making. BETA-LAB is not designed to feature one artist in
particular but to act more as an equal testing ground for all, for both
the performer and the audience member.
the BETA-LAB series is about an ever changing creative process, each
months event details will be announced at


phoniq is a collective of individuals dedicated to promoting bleeding edge
electronic music/art in interesting variable environments, with an
emphasis on exposing aural and visual talent that has not yet been exposed
to the electronic arts communities of montreal and canada. we aim to
showcase upstart music producers, djs, and emerging visual artists all
working in electronic realms. our foremost goal is to showcase off the
wall and raw genres of music and visual electronic arts- not just those
that are currently "en vogue" or will be shortly.

the concept for phoniq came together through the chance meeting of 2
active members of the montreal/canadian electronic music and digital arts
community: ckut-fm dj/host cyan and dub glitch techno producer naw. phoniq
has grown out of the combined histories of these 2 individuals. naw brings
the clonk legacy that he created 6 years ago in toronto, which hosted such
artists as: monolake, kit clayton and sutekh. cyan brings her ongoing
involvement in community radio, event coordinating and
dj talents.

since then the collective has grown to include 5 core members
responsible for keeping things running. after 6 short months, phoniq has
grown from an idea of "how can we create a viable promotional vehicle for
canadian electronic artists", into a music series, a net-label, an active
mailing-list and a canadian electronic music resource.

Humanity receives hundreds of cosmic signals on a daily basis. Of these,
certainly the most complex come from a place simply known as Planet
Nebula.Chief among the Nebular codebreakers here on Earth is the team of
Heart & Soul. Their working methods combine the pioneering inter-planetary
research of the eminent Dr. Blowfin, the study of subterranean, or
underground, wave-form activity, a careful monitering of circle makers, as
well as their previously established Solar Mist Approach. The H&S team are
working towards a comprehensive decryption program for the Nebular codes
and a better understanding of what they can mean for us.

Montreal based Laptop DJ Bopp currently plays the "Deep Fried Daze"
netradio show on every friday at 4 pm.

montreal native neil wiernik began his explorations in electronic music
making as early as 1988. known to push the boundaries of his musical form,
naws music is a blend of sound manipulation/design, experimental music and
dub-tech rhythms, which on the surface sound quite simple, but incorporate
a number of touches that steer this artist away from being simply another
minimal techno or experimental laptop artist. he combines post-house,
dubby minimal techno, microsound and thick ambience, to create his own
version of deep techno, house and other electronic laptop oriented musics.
neil has released music on various national and international record
labels, including recent releases on clever-music, and his follow up full
length to his 2002 noise factory release called green nights orange days.
he has recently returned from tours in france, germany, and
co-enside with his recent releases on these labels and plans to return to
europe this summer for more tours including a performance at the now
legendary sonar festival in barcelona, spain.

recently relocated to montreal from the west coast, anton has been
refining his sound since 1999.
in an era where most are abandoning their hardware to go the software
route, anton has taken advantage of cheap pawn-shop synths and samplers,
made obsolete by economic cycle, but still rich with potential.
his signature sound features emotive melodies,
lush minor chords, and distant textures. as somewhat of a reaction to the
clean computer-based sound prevalent today, antons music tends to be
rough, gritty, and deeply compressed. the influence of the environment of
the west coast of canada has certainly left its mark.

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