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Subject: Re: art not music
From: Richard Wentk (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2005 - 14:57:41 EST

At 18:48 24/02/2005, you wrote:

>The organization of sound, is sort of the key to all of this, my premise
>that an organization of sound does not neccessarily mean music is created.

No, I think if the sound is organised - preferably audibly organised - then
it counts as music.

It may not be pop/rock/classical/ambient/pickalabel. But if you think about
it these are all labels for different organisational practices. (As it
were.) I don't think EA is radically different in that respect. It just
organises sound using its own set of tools and criteria - as do all the
others, in their own ways.

>I don't want to imply that these courses have no use to me, nor do I want to
>come across as though my expectations for the classes are thhe only ones that
>count. It is just in my mind the study of music (dot, or otherwise
>traditional) leaves gaps in the education of one intersted in

For sure. But they'll also leave gaps in the education of someone
interested in creating hiphop or rap. And many other styles too.

Music courses don't teach everything there is to know about music. What
they teach is a set of basic skills that originated in one particular
tradition, and continue to be useful in certain kinds of music.

They may also suggest a way of thinking about compositional development
that can be abstracted to other styles - some more fluently than others.

>If ea is classified as a subset of time based art instead of a subset of
>would there be any difference in it.... probably not, though it might be
>taught differently (or from a different stand point).

'Time based art' just seems like a nonsensical (and pretentious) academic
buzz word to me. I'm not sure it really means anything worthwhile, or
offers genuinely useful insights into any of the forms it supposedly

Genuinely time based art would use time as its medium. Since we don't have
the technology to do that yet, it seems that exploring video, animation,
dance, sound art and the rest on their own terms, and then adding a strong
collaborative emphasis, is probably more useful than trying to consider
'time based art' as a separate and unique medium.

Whether working with all these different media would benefit EA students -
I'm a huge fan of crossfertilisation across media, so I think it would be
much more of a good thing than a bad one.


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