Re: art not music -- for the sake of discussion

Subject: Re: art not music -- for the sake of discussion
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2005 - 11:18:30 EST

I disagree (for the sake of discussion) ...

Neither rhythm nor harmony have been delimited. By "rhythm" do you
mean metric structures (see Kontakte for comparison); by "harmony" do
you mean simultaneities that are perceived as 'integrated' entities
and interpreted within a hierarchical framework?

At 11:02 AM -0500 2/24/05, wrote:
> >
>> Does EA "exclude" rhythm and harmony? I don't think so. I think EA has
>> so many possibilities from which form can be derived that harmony and
>> rhythm are now just a subset of the composable sound world.
>I see rhythm and harmony as evident in many ea works, yet the handeling of
>them is different.

Different from ... music? Would this not be a matter of perception
and interpretation? If a listener is not attuned to tonal / modal
harmonic functions, then the vertical sonorities will not 'function'
in the tonal sense, and the "harmony" may be perceived as being
spectral in nature.

>They are implicit, not explicit.

Are you proposing an underlying grid of metric and harmonic function
that may not be perceptible? I would see this as a very 'musical'
device, frequently characteristic of tonal counterpoint.

>Is the rhythm the backbone that everything is laid on, does it
>function so that the harmonic structure comes back to realign itself
>with the rhythm after (possibly) straying away from the tempo,
>pulse, accentatuion pattern?

IMV (for the sake of discussion), these are 'musical' issues, not ea
matters. Harmony and rhythm (sic) being matters of music theory not
within the art of electroacoustics.



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