Re: art not music (and waves)

Subject: Re: art not music (and waves)
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2005 - 10:19:40 EST

Some light reading on the hard side of waves etc ...

Almost all about waves
by Pierce, John R.
Good but somewhat technical.

An Introduction to Information Theory (Symbols, Signals and Noise)
by Pierce, John R.
Second (1980) edition of (the) most impressive non-technical account
available. Encoding, entropy, noisy channel, related areas, etc.
(Possibly useful for the MAX neophyte.)

The Science of Musical Sound
by Pierce, John R.
Behind the creation of any musical sound lies the complex processes
of physics, electronics, mathematics, and human perception. The
fascinating interplay of these factors is the focus of John R.
Pierce's The Science of Musical Sound, Revised Edition--a volume that
covers the production of a single drumbeat and the wizardry of the
latest recording...

Waves & the Ear
by Pierce, John R., and David, Edward E., and Van Bergeijk, Willem Andrbe Maria

Old but good.



At 9:40 PM +1100 2/24/05, miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:
>i think its all about the waves anyhow...
>be they light waves or sound waves... all are waves to me
>but i'm afflicted with synaesthesia... lol

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