Fwd: [institutions-digiarts-clt] UNESCO Young Digital Creators - Opening of the 2005 session

Subject: Fwd: [institutions-digiarts-clt] UNESCO Young Digital Creators - Opening of the 2005 session
From: Yves Gigon (ygigon@videotron.ca)
Date: Wed Feb 23 2005 - 09:29:00 EST

>Dear friends,
>Thank you for your ongoing support to the Young Digital creators programme.
>We would like to ask of your continuing cooperation to the "Call for
>Participation" for Session 2005 of the following three YDC
>The Sound of our Water
>Youth Creating and Communicating on HIV/AIDS
>Scenes and Sounds of my City
>The submission process is still undergoing so please find the
>registration form at:
>or attached on this mail.
>The session is to officially open 28 March 2005 and will not begin
>immediately as we would like to give opportunities for schools and
>centres around the globe. Our head moderator Christina Human
>(c.human@unesco.org), who will be assisting the local moderators
>(teachers and educators) in operating the programme, will be
>contacting you once the session is ready to start.
>In the meantime it would be quite helpful for us to organize the
>session more concretely if you could let us know of the academic
>timeframe of your school/centre. How many hours per week do you
>think you could work on the programme with your students? When
>would the holidays start and end for the classes? etc... all this
>kind of information would permit us to moderate the session more
>flexibly by taking into account the different academic time
>schedules of schools coming from different regions and countries.
>You can also help to enrich the participation of the programme by
>forwarding the information to other schools or centres that might
>have interest in joining in the programme. If you have further
>questions related to the programmes, don't hesitate to contact us at:
>Tel: 33 1 45 68 43 72
>Warmest regards,
>UNESCO DigiArts Team
>YDC Programme:

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