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Subject: Re: Solo ea and "tick"ing
From: Rick (
Date: Sun Feb 20 2005 - 03:29:47 EST

If you look at smaller more independant record lables you've already
filtered/biased the statistics. You're suddenly only looking at people
who are adventurous enough, or care enough to go look for something

Marketers look for things that already make people tick, and push
that. The easiest way is to cash in is to look for the lowest common
denominator (dominator) and replicate it. But they have to have a
product that they already know works with as little risk as possible.
And it has to be just new enough. Pushing something that is too new is
too hard and costly. You have to let time filter that stuff out.
Everybody plays Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra at least once a year,
Stravinsky's Firebird Suite could easily become the next "Stairway to
Heaven" the Pixies are on tour again, and Morton Subotnik has cues
into the street to sign vinyl copies of "Silver Apples of the Moon."


PS There seems to be a little off-list confusion. Just to clarify an
earlier statement; I was not disparaging Neitzche or calling him a
sociopath. (Wired a little tight maybe.)The quote I was referring to
was by Hitler. Who I still suspect was a sociopath.


On Sun, 20 Feb 2005 12:41:26 +1100, miriam clinton (iriXx)
<> wrote:

> thats called marketing - and in this day and age, that is how records
> are sold.
> the majority of people are Nietzsche's 'sheep' - they will only follow
> and lack the capacity to think for themselves. if the Big Five say "This
> is good" then they will buy it - usually in an attempt to keep up with
> their neighbouring sheep.
> marketing is the only responsibility for large sales of music.
> if one were to look at smaller, independent record companies, then you
> would find more interesting answers - /in correlation/ with personality
> studies.

Rick Nance
De Montfort University
Leicester, UK

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