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From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Sat Feb 19 2005 - 04:52:25 EST

likewise, thats probably the reason i dropped out of my Ph.D... and
havent come back to it... with no regrets...

i have nothing against composers who wish to work in an academic method,
but it is not my way... i had to leave and find my own path. go
walkabout... find myself... whatever...

i do love to see individual potentials realized both in my students and
working on them personally in myself...

heh... aren't we getting back to Nietzsche here?


Kevin Austin wrote:

> In education, my goals have been towards the realization of individual
> potentials (as much as possible) more than 'meeting the standard'. The
> 'credentials' are given for meeting the standard, which is why Eliot's
> degree is a doctorate and mine isn't.
> Best
> Kevin
> At 16:23 -0800 2005/02/17, Eliot Handelman wrote:
>> Exactly. This is what we call "talent" -- an intuition for music
>> beyond anyone's capacity to teach it. That shows up the inadequacy of
>> our current theories, which are not theories at all, since if we at
>> all did understand what made music tick we'd be able to teach
>> someone, eg, how to compose.

99% of aliens prefer Earth

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