Re: Solo ea and "tick"ing

Subject: Re: Solo ea and "tick"ing
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Fri Feb 18 2005 - 11:59:46 EST

I don't know if we need to go to non-western cultures to find out
what happens when 'unexposed' ears are exposed to new sounds. Western
music history is full of examples of people "not getting" the 'new'
music ... Beethoven late quartets and bagatelles, Mahler, Schoenberg,
Cowell, Partch, Cage, Stockhausen ...

If the "tickness" is largely learned then it may be found that
cultural influences have a large role to play, which could be seen as
younger minds being in general more flexible and adaptable to
learning the languages involved.

I am not convinced about opinions where things are "clearly" and
others are "impossible" ... but I may be an old fuddy-duddy about
what is really real, having little faith in "common sense".



At 16:17 +0000 2005/02/18, Richard Wentk wrote:
>At 16:04 18/02/2005, you wrote:
>>I take this comment to be somewhat supportive of the theme that the
>>"tickness" of the 'music' is (more) in the individual than in the
>>stream of information received.
>Perhaps. Has anyone tried to find out what aboriginal cultures hear
>when they (e.g.) listen to Bach? I think until someone does the
>question remains open.
>Also, tickness is clearly shared to an extent that would be
>impossible if it were *exclusively* an individual phenomenon.

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