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Date: Fri Feb 18 2005 - 09:07:13 EST

On 18 Feb, 2005, at 09:33, Richard Wentk wrote:

> At 15:07 17/02/2005, you wrote:
>> In my view, it's not what makes the aria "tick", it's about what
>> makes _you_ "tick".
> But some composers are better at making listener's "tick" than others,
> no?
> Richard

That is indeed so, but equally some composers are better at making
_some_ listeners "tick", but not others. As Kevin and Miriam have
pointed out, it is what resonates inside each person that determines
whether they "tick" or not. Most composers resonate with some people
and not others. Even chart-topping pop songs only resonate with some
people. I know that there are many people who find nothing in my music
that resonates with them (makes them tick); equally, I know that there
are some who definitely do - that it's possible at all is pretty
amazing! I'm quite proud and grateful that anyone at all is made to
tick. The more the merrier, of course, but I don't feel any need to
count! I'm sure many others feel the same.



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