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bleupulp - live - Quebec City (, pertin_nce)
fm_man - live (
insomniak - dj/live (
sarcastic - dj (

philgood -special detroit set- (inbeat records)

naw - live (
cyan - dj (modular systems, ckut)
khanfucius - dj (

delray - (rx-tx/asphodel/reflective)
johnny ranger - (

le local
7154 st-urbain

2100 - 0600
$5 at the door


The phoniq collective invites you to the launch of the phoniq netlabel.
over the past year phoniq has been active in canada's electronic music
community, coordinating live music series, initiating country wide
dialog through our mailing list and web portal and involving artists
in projects and collaborations.

now we are happy to announce the the launch of the phoniq netlabel
as well as the launch of the new website which will encourage
even more interaction and participation from electronic music artists.
phoniq netlabel will release material online in mp3 format
at regular intervals, giving exposure to the breadth of canadian talent.

the label kicks off with releases from 12 artists, featuring the sounds
of up and coming artists as well as those already known within the
electronic music community. the launch party on february 19th will
play host to 4 of these 12 artists. bleupulp of quebec city will make his
first live appearance in montreal with a minimal techno set. montreal's
fm_man will perform a live set of his dancefloor rocking beats,
insomniak brings his techno infused breakbeat sound, and sarcastic
will play his signature blend of cutting edge tek.

also appearing at the launch will be guest dj philgood, well known in
montreal for his unique electro style. for this event he will delve into
the crates to bring us a rare detroit techno set - not to be missed!
phoniq residents naw, khanfucius and cyan will be rounding out the night
into minimal, deep, glitch and dub techno territories.

throughout the night, vjs johnny ranger and delray will stimulate and
intrigue with their diverse visual textures and techniques.



phoniq is a collective working to foster collaboration and communication
between electronic music artists in canada. is a web portal
where artists are invited to join our growing community by participating
in our mailing list as well as ongoing projects. projects include live
music series, file sharing collaborations, and the phoniq netlabel.


maxime tanguay aka bleupulp is an active member of quebec city electronic
music scene he fisrt started dj-ing jungle music in rave parties around
2000, then opened up for various electronic music style such as techno,
house, idm, minimal ... his love for electronic music pushed him to
start creating his own music, since about 2002 you can hear him playing
live with machines and laptop. his music could be described as colourful,
texturized and experimental. he is currently working on a few projects
such as a net label, cd-r, and cd album releases.
maxime is part of the syndroma colective and the pertinence crew,
organizations that focus on promoting quality electronic music.

PHILGOOD [inbeat records]

Having spent more than half of his life behind turntables, Philgood has
always given priority to music that takes the listener into new dimensions,
stimulating dance, excitement, and an escape from the rigors of everyday life.
Philgood has by now caught the ears and attention of electronica scenesters
the world over. Through appearances at such renowned Montreal clubs as Sona,
Circus, Red Lite or Playground, and via his performances overseas, Philgood
has dropped records alongside techno luminaries including Laurent Garnier,
Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, DJ Rush, Sven Všth, Green Velvet, Thomas Krome,
Joel Mull and T-1000.


This amorphous being has contributed to the subculture's cabalistic causes
on many levels for the past decade, performing at virtually all of Montreal's
clubs and coast-to-coast across the country alongside techno luminaries
including Frankie Bones, Thomas Krome, Slobodan or The Punisher, and minimal
experimentalists such as Andrew Duke, Kero, Algorithm, or Deadbeat. Possessed
since childhood with a needling drive to splice together discrete musical
compositions, first with cassette decks, microphones, CD players or 8-tracks,
it was only a matter of time before an unwitting companion introduced Sarcastic
to his destiny in the early nineties: the Technics-1200. Since, Sarcastic has
founded Level 4 Productions, a record label, artist collective and promotion
company synonymous with the cutting-edge of techno. His love for the chugging
repetitive nature of ghettotek, pure tek, acid house and hardcore genres
remains informed by an early appreciation for hip-hop, stoner rock, jazz and
psychedelia of all sorts. Equally at home behind two or three decks,
Sarcastic's styles range from the abstract headiness of minimal and
experimental tek to his own tongue-in-cheek productions based largely on
recognizable samples from such disparate sources as movies, rap or funk.


___ Base:: Montreal, Canada.
___ Weapon of choice:: a mashup of heavyweight breakbeats and funky analog
___ Releases:: two 12" singles (under the name Phreak) and numerous compilation
and independent cd releases. The single "Deep Phreak" was remixed by house
legend John Aquaviva and found its way on to DJ play-lists around the world.
___ Televison:: creation of breakbeat theme songs and cues for MTV's "Blame
and "Crush" on the USA Network as well as station ID beats for the new
channel "MTV Jams". Also heard on CBC "ZED TV" and soon on "Nerve".
___ Live performances:: have included opening for such international acts as
The Art of Trance, Spacetime Continuum, Misjah, Westbam, The Stickmen, Skylab
2000, Delta 9 and Kenny Ken.


21 year old Montreal native Scott Philip has been producing electronic
music since 1996, covering a wide range of musical styles. Fm_man is
his latest solo music project, combining the influences of house,
techno, dub, jazz, synthpop, idm, industrial, and electro into a
fusion of dance floor friendly sounds. Widely respected in the
underground online music community, Scott's music has topped charts on
several music portals including and

NAW []

montreal native neil wiernik began his
explorations in electronic music making as early as 1988. known to push
the boundaries of his musical form, naws music is a blend of sound
manipulation/design, experimental music and dub-tech rhythms, which on the
surface sound quite simple, but incorporate a number of touches that steer
this artist away from being simply another minimal techno or experimental
laptop artist. he combines post-house, dubby minimal techno, microsound
and thick ambience, to create his own version of deep techno, house and
other electronic laptop oriented musics. neil has released music on
various national and international record labels, including recent releases
on clever-music, and his follow up full length to his 2002 noise factory
release called green nights orange days. he has recently returned from tours
in france, germany, and co-enside with his recent releases on these
labels and pans to retunr to europe this summer for more tours including a
performance at the now legendary sonar festival in barcelona, spain.

CYAN [ckut,]

Montreal based dj, radio host and producer cyan aka Corina MacDonald has
been an active participant in montreal's electronic music scene since 1996.
She currently hosts modular systems, an electronic music magazine show on
ckut 90.3 fm and is also involved in organizing phoniq collective events
and projects. Her sound can best be described as layered, dense and deep
rhythms intersecting the genres of techno, house and electro. Her
independently produced DJ mix 'The Gravity Protocol' has been received in
a very positive light by reviewers and techno fans alike.


Constantine has been active in exploring the electronic arts since the
early 1990s. He became involved in the BBS scene at a young age,
tracking music modules and drawing ascii art. By 1996 he chose the
alias Khanfucius and began as a DJ, playing an assortment of strange,
abstract and ambient music at local clubs, raves and other events
in the prairies. His active involvement in the scene spawned many
projects, including the event production company Uninhibited Sound
System with his fellow DJs and the artistic collective Panospria.
Musical side projects around this time included playing laptop
and synths in the improv electronic band Mandelbrot Set and co-producing
an album as Break Fluid with Sasafras of the hip hop group Isosceles.
His first solo album as Khanfucius, The Phuzzillogikal Basement Tapes
96-98, was compiled and released independently prior to moving to Dublin,
Ireland in 1999. This release caught the attention of radio DJ Keith
Downey who invited him to co-host his show on Kiss FM called Psychonavigation.
Keith would go on to start Psychonavigation Records and release music
by Constantine and his Canadian associates. Upon his return to Canada,
he took up residence in Ontario and studied in the fields of audio and
multimedia. Since 2001, his focus has been fixed on his experimental music
and sound-art project as Scant Intone. Currently living in Montreal, he
is working on upcoming solo and collaborative works as well as coordinating
projects for both Panospria and Psychonavigation Records.

DELRAY [rx-tx/asphodel/reflective]

Matthew Biederman's (DelRay) diverse range of audiovisual performances
and installations find their common ground in themes of "cut-up"
electronic image delivery, media saturation, data systems and
electromagnetic spectrum scanning. Biederman, who has performed and
exhibited both nationally and internationally, has recently developed
his work via various prestigious artist-in-residence programs or
festival "laboratories" including the Center for Experimental
Television (New York), Makrolab (while situated at Blair Atholl,
Scotland) and SIGGRAPH. In addition to winning awards as Bay Area
Artist in New Media (New Langton Arts) and first prize at the Break21
Festival (Slovenia), his work has been exhibited in numerous festivals
including the 7 Festival Internacional (Lima, Peru) New Forms Festival
(Vancouver, Canada), the Chicago Underground Film Festival,
Paris/Berlin Recontres International, and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Biederman also performs extensively in the US and abroad most recently
at such venues as Signal Sever! (Futuresonic04, ISEA, and venues in
Vienna, Ljubljana, and Paris) as well as the Museum of Contemporary
Art, Chicago where he works with a variety of sound artists to perform
Audio/Visual compositions.


The artistic projects of Johnny Ranger include VJING, Interdisciplinary
Shows, Performances and Web art. He is the founder of Mindroots a
sensuous poetic laboratory of non linear creation. He has been a regular
at the SAT, he presented works at the Biennale d'art contemporain, the
New Museum of Contemporary art in New York, EspaceTangente and at
the Lachapelle theater amongs other. He is currently working on a new
live performance of open ended audio-visual narratives entitled: The
Dynamic Constellations which includes footages he has shot in Brazil,
India, Indonesia and Canada.

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