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Subject: Re: Solo ea
From: Eliot Handelman (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2005 - 19:23:25 EST

miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:

>> If you want to try to penetrate into musical
>> experience you need a fundamentally new approach that dispenses
>> with the hackneyed sagacities of conventional school-music
>> analysis. V-I never says anything meaningful about meaning.
> indeed,
> for me that fundamentally new approach was to allow the music to flood
> my intuition, to let my subconscious do the working - and to /stop/
> trying to think, and start trying to perceive.

That was also my first step, long after I had so-called credentials.

If you aren't hearing things in music then you're not in need of
explanation. If you are hearing
things, the explanation someone offers may not be satisfactory.

> i believe that people do not realise how powerful a tool the
> subconscious is. of course its only extreme intuitive personalities
> who have the capacity to watch their subconscious at work - literally,
> as if one was separate from the body, watching and letting the mind
> work with a little guidance here and there. that does not mean that
> "analysis" is not involved - but it is less analysis and more
> 'understanding'. 'intuition'. 'recognition'.

You're describing something like practical phenomenology.

> perhaps that indicated that the rules were already well taught - i
> dont think so. i believe it is that the physics of sound only needed
> to be made aware to me for me to know it was there. from then on, my
> intuition did the work - and my intuition has become my fundamentally
> new approach - all else fails.

Exactly. This is what we call "talent" -- an intuition for music beyond
anyone's capacity to teach it. That shows up the
inadequacy of our current theories, which are not theories at all, since
if we at all did understand what made music tick
we'd be able to teach someone, eg, how to compose.

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