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Subject: Re: regarding innovation
From: Eliot Handelman (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2005 - 18:43:50 EST

Ross Bencina wrote:

> Eliot Handelman wrote:
>>> ... i think i know it's a risk to be so "systems" centric... but
>>> that's how i'm thinking this morning .. and i would think someone
>>> has written abou this.
>> Risk in what sense?
> In the sense of not considering other possible perspectives, of
> polarising the debate along certain paridigmatic boundaries. Luckily
> people are throwing plenty of alternate perspectives at me :-)

Still not sure which debate you're referring to? I only see three or 4
issues here:

1. whether you can make public art -- in the sense in which Matthew
Barney wants to take on Hollywood and Murakami wants
to take on the whole culture of otaku. machines relevant here?
certainly. problem: create sensational new music.

2. not falling into the cracks of mainstream arts council funding

3 deciding on your own priorities at whatever cost

4 belonging to the culture of computer music festivals and such,
deciding whether this adds up to something. Is it
important that Normandeau condones your work, for instance? Who's the
projected listener here? Is it someone
with 4 EA CDs? If it's not the vast public of 1, or the potential no
audience of 3, who then?

> I don't feel a need to justify my actions to myself, but I do feel a
> need to build a clearer understanding of the relationship between (to
> name three) (1) to do what engages me, (2) the body of thought which
> constitutes compositional practice, and (3) the body of thought which
> constitutes computer science and software engineering (perhaps just
> western scientific thought as a whole); mainly because I'm constantly
> engaged in all three and I'm not as good as I would like to be at
> switch hats or wearing all hats at once.
Where does a listener fit into this? I don't think there are any
important musical questions that can dispense with
some sort of answer to that.

-- eliot

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