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Date: Thu Feb 17 2005 - 03:27:09 EST

Eliot Handelman wrote:

>>Eliot Handelman wrote:
>>>miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:
>>i spent hours trying to work out what made it tick - hours and days - to
>>find out what exactly made it have that magical somethingorother that
>>makes me bawl my eyes out every time i hear it.
>>in doing so, i lost the magic. yup, i found out sequences of major
>>sevenths, tension and resolution, and the sarabande (i think?) rhythm.
>>in the end - so what? - because i lost the music. i lost the beauty of
>>it all.
>Did those things tell you about the magic? Clearly not.
>I've spent many, many hrs thinking about sometimes passages of
>not more than a few notes: just today I was thinking about
>a terrific passage dense with meaning in Vivaldi. What causes it?
>It's much more than the 7ths, etc. I once spent a week thinking
>about the first 7 note sof the chopin 1st nocturne and I never
>exhausted them. If you want to try to penetrate into musical
>experience you need a fundamentally new approach that dispenses
>with the hackneyed sagacities of conventional school-music
>analysis. V-I never says anything meaningful about meaning.


for me that fundamentally new approach was to allow the music to flood
my intuition, to let my subconscious do the working - and to /stop/
trying to think, and start trying to perceive.

i believe that people do not realise how powerful a tool the
subconscious is. of course its only extreme intuitive personalities who
have the capacity to watch their subconscious at work - literally, as if
one was separate from the body, watching and letting the mind work with
a little guidance here and there. that does not mean that "analysis" is
not involved - but it is less analysis and more 'understanding'.
'intuition'. 'recognition'.

nb. i used to do quite a good job as a B. Mus student of writing my
harmony exercises by sitting at the piano and improvising in 'Bach-mode'
or 'Vivaldi-mode' or 'Couperin-mode' or whatever. i used to be able to
just switch my brain into that mode, improvise and compose, and then go
back and check for any 'breakings of the rules'.

perhaps that indicated that the rules were already well taught - i dont
think so. i believe it is that the physics of sound only needed to be
made aware to me for me to know it was there. from then on, my intuition
did the work - and my intuition has become my fundamentally new approach
- all else fails.

like this argument.

i think the more i try to persuade and debate, the more i am losing the
pulse of what i originally said. i put it in a nutshell to begin with -
but few understood. the more i have tried to describe and analyze the
means by which i broke away from academic thinking and discovered my own
path, the more either the discussion itself or i alone have gone down
paths which have taken the magic of creativity away.

so i'll probably end it here.



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