Re: regarding innovation

Subject: Re: regarding innovation
From: Ross Bencina (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2005 - 19:50:53 EST

Eliot Handelman wrote:
>> ... i think i know it's a risk to be so "systems" centric... but that's
>> how i'm thinking this morning .. and i would think someone has written
>> abou this.
> Risk in what sense?

In the sense of not considering other possible perspectives, of polarising
the debate along certain paridigmatic boundaries. Luckily people are
throwing plenty of alternate perspectives at me :-)

>> Actually what I'm really interested in is music software systems and some
>> concrete reasons why some people make their own, why others use existing
>> systems etc.
> It's whatever engages you more, no? I don't quite follow your misgivings.

I don't feel a need to justify my actions to myself, but I do feel a need to
build a clearer understanding of the relationship between (to name three)
(1) to do what engages me, (2) the body of thought which constitutes
compositional practice, and (3) the body of thought which constitutes
computer science and software engineering (perhaps just western scientific
thought as a whole); mainly because I'm constantly engaged in all three and
I'm not as good as I would like to be at switch hats or wearing all hats at


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