New Position at SARC

Subject: New Position at SARC
Date: Wed Feb 16 2005 - 16:42:56 EST

This is the 3rd position at the Sonic Arts Research Centre to be advertised in
the last 4 weeks. Please circulate widely and apologies for cross postings.

(Details of the other two posts can be found at:


Academic Fellowship - Creative Media

The successful applicant will be familiar with the use of new technologies in
artistic practice. Applicants are expected to demonstrate expertise and
innovative thinking in the design, prototyping and development of public
exhibitions or musical performances using new technologies in an artistic
context. Areas of expertise must be music-related and can include robotic
art, hacktivism, live-video and Vjing, new media, virtual environments,
haptics, interactive spaces, software art, sound installation, immersive
technologies, digital architecture, artworks using artificial intelligence or
artificial life software.

All applicants should have sufficient postdoctoral experience to demonstrate
their outstanding research potential, including a track record of achievement
employed on high quality research projects. These posts will offer the
opportunity to build on this and develop skills as an independent researcher,
progressing towards a career as a permanent member of academic staff.
During the first 5 years successful applicants will concentrate on developing
their research profile, although it will be expected that over the 5 year period,
they will increasingly engage in teaching, project management and outreach

Although staff holding or promised permanent positions are not eligible to
apply, applications are invited from researchers who are currently in receipt
of research fellowships or grant funding.

The New Media Academic Fellow will be based at the Sonic Arts Research
Centre (SARC) and will develop creatively-led projects in visual/video
technologies which compliment the audio-based work already underway at
SARC. For further details, please contact: Mr Chris Corrigan, Sonic Arts
Research Centre, Tel: (02890) 974830 Email:
Candidates for all positions are required to have a PhD and strongly
developing publication track records. Fellows are expected to be in place by
30 September 2005.

The salary is likely to be within the range 23,643-35,883 per annum
depending on skills and experience.

Closing date: 4.00pm, Friday 11 March 2005

Michael Alcorn
Queen's University

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