Re: sound cards

Subject: Re: sound cards
From: Ian Stonehouse (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2005 - 07:34:18 EST

>ProTools Free is usable with other soundcards, and does 4 stereo tracks.

We've used it pretty successfully for basic concert recordings at
24-bit/44.1khz on an old G3 laptop via a Tascam U-122 (USB stereo
Audio + MIDI) running a pair of TFPRO tube mics - but don't forget
that ProTools Free is Mac OS9 only (not in Classic in OSX either).


>ProTools LE only works with proTools hardware, but comes free with
>that hardware.
>If this is outdated, someone let me know. I could use a cheap editor
>and PT LE I already own (but no PT hardware).


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