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Date: Wed Feb 16 2005 - 01:18:04 EST

i still think people are mistaking my approach to be Cage-like, when in
fact it is more like Vincenzo Galilei, Monteverdi and the Seconda
Prattica - but this is better explained in my other post in reply to Kevin.

David Mooney wrote:

>As much as I admire and have been influenced by Cage and his
>ilk, this idea of music free from rules or removing the
>influence of the individual from music, in the way that that
>Cage & co. approached it, was a highly mental Western thing
>to do. I.e., the "no-rules" system of rules were as much a
>product of their time and place as any other system of
>thinking about sound and music; very much a part of the
>practice of music in wider culture and society. This was
>also the age of abstract expressionism in art--more
>rule-bound no-rules art.
>Kevin Austin wrote:
>>A historical and cross-cultural look at music as it has been
>>practiced for the past 3000 years will show that there are rules.
>>Sometime in the mid-20th century a few western individuals proclaimed
>>that music could be free from rules, but that has not altered the
>>practice of music in wider culture and society.

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