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Subject: NEW BOOK/CD - Christof Migone - Sound Voice Perform
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Date: Tue Feb 15 2005 - 07:56:25 EST

Christof Migone - Sound Voice Perform
Mardi le 22 février, 5 à 7, au Reservoir (au 2ème étage), 9 rue Duluth est,
Tuesday February 22, 5-7pm, at Reservoir (upstairs), 9 Duluth St. East,
info: 279-9521 (press), 849-7779 (Reservoir)

Errant Bodies Press is proud to announce the publication of its second
volume of Critical Ear, a series of monographs on artists working with sound
through performative, spatial, and musical means.

Christof Migone - Sound Voice Perform
With contributions by Brandon LaBelle, Martin Spinelli, and Allen S. Weiss
Critical Ear series, Vol. 2
Errant Bodies Press/ Museet for Samtidskunst, Roskilde with Ground Fault
ISBN 0-9655570-7-3
88 page book with full-length CD/ $20 (special launch price)

"Christof Migone - Sound Voice Perform" documents the performance, sound,
and video works of the Canadian artist. Working since the mid-80s, Migone
weaves together a multitude of media, from radio to telephones to digital
objects, to form a stunning and highly dynamic practice. Combining an acute
sonic sensibility with performative usages of the body, video, and the
voice, his work engages corporeal presence with a subtle invasion,
unsettling speech and gesture through investigative and theoretical poetics.
Including documentation of works and a full length CD of audio works
compiled from over the last 15 years, with essays by Allen S. Weiss and
Brandon LaBelle, an interview with the artist by Martin Spinelli, "Christof
Migone - Sound Voice Perform" is the first monograph on this unique artist.

To order:
USA-Ground Fault (
Europe- Errant Bodies (

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