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Subject: RE: Solo ea
From: David Prescott (
Date: Sun Feb 13 2005 - 17:08:44 EST

Hello and Bonjour:

I am a long-time fan of EA who has never posted to this list. I am
enjoying the CEC's "Cache 2001" as I write. I hope that although I
founded and co-owned a couple of small record labels and produced a bit
of na´ve music in the '80's I will be considered one of those
individuals who only buys this music and has nothing to do with its
composition or production. When I saw the following from David Mooney:

>>>As much as I admire and have been influenced by Cage and his ilk,
this idea of music free from rules or removing the influence of the
individual from music, in the way that that Cage & co. approached it,
was a highly mental Western thing to do. I.e., the "no-rules" system of
rules were as much a product of their time and place as any other system
of thinking about sound and music; very much a part of the practice of
music in wider culture and society. This was also the age of abstract
expressionism in art--more rule-bound no-rules art.<<<

I had to say thank you to all those who post these kinds of ideas to
this list. I've always loved Cage's music, but isn't it fascinating that
these kinds of observations become all the more apparent over time?
Thank you, Mr. Mooney, for posting it.

I was quite touched by Larry Polansky's description of holding on to
music in the way that the old collector has unique apple trees in
upstate New York. As one who tried to do the same with music but wound
up in social work, raising a family, etc. I often miss the same feeling.
Anyway, thank you for your thoughts!

David Prescott,
Recently relocated from Vermont to Wisconsin

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