RE: sound cards

Subject: RE: sound cards
From: Andrew Nicols (
Date: Sun Feb 13 2005 - 15:47:33 EST

Miriam Wrote:

> ooh... nice. thanks... yumm. i dont know what it is about the geek in me
> that just loves looking at microphones... particularly extremely
> expensive high quality vocal microphones... (geek singer)...

I've just been playing with a nice Neumann U87ai... which I think you might
agree is fairly nice for recording vocals :-D

> ahh... that is interesting - and explains why their systems as opposed
> to others are compatible with ProTools LE / Free.

I didn't realise it was compatible with PT LE... I shall have to try that
one. The free version can be used with any computer and doesn't require a
Digidesign sound card afaik.


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